Sunday, January 18, 2009

the twitersphere

new words discovered tonight
#twitterject. the act of sending a twitter about a subject you were previously not involved with .. especially if you find the subject on

#twitterbutt to butt into a twittersation that two or more people you follow are having without being invited

thats why its important to follow people from around the globe . not just for the 24/7 but for the global perspective
serious note now to ponder. TWITTER .. could just do what thousands of years of kings and armys and colonialism could not do
instantaneously connect the world. end forming your thougths from the news . but from what other people are saying with out some ROCKSTARtelling you what to think


  1. yes I think you may be right Kurtis!

    I knew I was attracted to twitter for a reason!

  2. #PARA-TWIT a twitter person who only follows the followers of others, without input or opinions. there is room for this definition to be expanded