Saturday, January 24, 2009

Away from the blog

This is for the three people that might have accidently stumbled upon this blog, to let you know. My grandmother passed away very suddenly the day after Obama ascended to the throne. It has been a hectic few days, with members of the family flying in from all over the country. Even though the death of any family member is a time of sorrow, I can say I think she got took on life with both barrels and gave it all she could. I claim my love of dancing I have as one of the many gene's I got from her. By her own admission she was that girl in the red dress that everyone wanted to dance with when she was younger. I have just a couple of hour ago returned from her wake, celebration of life. The number of people that were in attendance was so great that folding chairs had to be set up in a extra room to allow everyone a place to sit. Another awesome thing that happened was the first time that I can think of in nearly 20 years all 5 of her grandchildren stood for a picture. The last time would have been 1989.

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  1. Sad times with bits of light. I'm glad you were able to make it up for the picture.