Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama Inauguration

Well what a day it has been.
I can hardly count the number of times my feelings of pride and patriotism would over take my thoughts.
I freely admit that I didnt vote for him. In the beginning I thought he would go far. In fact I take credit for telling a couple people who in the end became super supporters to the fact this man was running for president.
but as the campaign went on I became suspicious that he was sounding a little to socialist for my taste so, swallowing the hard pill I jumped back over the fence to the side that stands for Freedoms and Smaller Govt.

I want use this blog to cover my feeling on that right but fast forward to the events of the day.
Right now I am 100% behind the POTUS, I will not project fears on something he might or might not do. Because he has already
not done somethings I was expecting. Not everything he will do can make me happy, but if he is able to present it in a way that the country stays behind him and doesnt feel persecuted by him then keep on keeping on I think. After 8 years of my friends screaming republicans are tyrants ect. Now we agree, I imagine that before long I will be the one supporting the POTUS and they will still be complaining. There are people that DO and there are people that just wring their hands at everything. The United States is not all left and not all right .

My concerns keep muslim extremist in check and off our shores. Fulfill the promises made in the contracts that military member sign when they join. I want my grandson to run and play and go to school and learn. I may have no tolerance when talking to peacenicks you know the three people that want the war but offer no option to ensure the safety of the masses.

And man when POTUS was walking those last few steps to the podium a rush of pride came over me. This man has done something. He made such an impact that people traveled far and wide and stood in freezing cold. To witness the event.
I hope he took his oath of office to heart. I know every time I said the Oath while I was in the military and undescribable feeling would wash over me. UPHOLD AND DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION the document we use to run this huge country of ours. I hope he does get a whole generation off the couch and out doing something. You improve you life by meeting and interactign with new people. if you are 45 years old and still only hang out with the buddies from 4th grade there is a chance that you may all be rich . but I bet that while you are all doing ok you would be doing twice as good if you had taken a chance and expanded your sphere of influence.

I learn something new from everyone I meet. Twitter is a good example . while I like to think my self a leader, its the following of others that offers the chance for learning something new.
Icould blunt information. or a thought provoking statement. or an alternative to a view have.
I was once a RUSH DITTO head. but then realize that being a PARROT to someone elses ideas didnt suit me well. I like to fucking think for my self. that and rush has problems with LGBT. I Just dont like anyone that fucks around with the stuff in my bedroom . For the RIGHT I have sex in the bedroom so keep the fuck out and for the LEFT to many LOADED weapons that make them quiver in the corner like beaten pups. so both of you stay the fuck out.\

So if you are still reading i will continue, Too easily sidetracked this time of night. I am going to totally ignore the crap the celebrities put out . IF it make people get motivated then screw it make stupid videos Andrew Brightbart has a much better tant than I could ever write.

What does all this mean, 4 months ago I didnt want Barack Obama anywhere near the White House and now this nigh,t as I turn in I feel like "all is well in the world". Everyone took his speech differently but the one thing I heard was.

HEY ASSHOLES UH HATE TO DISAPPOINT YA BUT I COMMAND MARINES AND RANGERS and shit load of other stuff that I DONT want to really use, but fuck with us and you will find I will stop playing all nice. PEOPLE depend on me to keep them safe.

So sleep well America . the POTUS changed but YOUR military is still working .. the cops are still going to arrest you for drunk driving . the girls at the bunny ranch are still doing 3 ways for enough money and al-queda is still only blowing shit up in the middle east.


  1. Sounds to me like you are smack dab in the middle, politically speaking, like so many of the rest of us. Maybe for once we'll manage to have a voice, if our new POTUS can keep the radical wing of his party in check...

  2. Well said Kurtis. The only thing I would disagree with is the "muslim terrorist" part.
    I'm far more concerned with Aryan Nation, Storm Front, KKK and all of the domestic terrorist, most of whome claim to be Christain.

    I'd love to see your opinion on that.