Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Things to blog at a later date

The trip to Northern Virginia and hanging out with the family at a funeral. Very interesting much love was shared along with lots of food.

Latest experience at the Bay Pines VA complex, How it feels to be accused by a doctor about missing appointments and the need for pain medication. If you call to much you are chasing meds but if you dont call enough you obviously dont need them. so a no win situation.. reminder to people that want the gov't to control everyones medical.

I am now officially a twitter hollic and probably in need of an intervention. or another laptop one of the two. because two laptops are not enough to properly participate in all my online activities, the biggest issue being I have been neglecting my blogging.

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  1. I think America can find a perfectly good way to screw up universal health care. I grew up with universal health care and never had any problems. Doctors (and yeah, you actually got to see a doctor and not some nurse) actually took their time to examine you and not shush you out of the office with some presription in hand after less than 5 minutes. Having to get an appointment to see a doctor was for specialists, your primary care physician had opening hours for walk-ins in the mornings with extended hours a few days a week. Prescriptions aren't nearly as expensive, but then again, it's illegal in Germany to advertise for prescription drugs on TV, in newspapers, etc. Granted, the health care system in Germany has its own problems but if the US would take a look around at the countries that do have universal health care and take the best of all, it would be a system everyone benefits from.