Saturday, January 31, 2009

MISSED Blog from 22 JAN 2009

I posted this to my facebook but failed to merge it with this space, It recounts the day spent traveling to Northern Virginia, Springfield to be exact and some of the things that took place.


[[[[[[[[ These are direct notes I took on my ipod touch as I was traveling. They are literally how I make notes to myself.  but to make more sense I have gone back and made them more complete thoughts  ]]]]]]]]]

When does a day start and end. I did not lay down until 230 am and then had to be back up to get dressed and catch the cab to the airport. I lucked out and ended up getting the "CAR" instead of the big blue van. So all in all the trip started on a good note.

From the door of the airport to the gate was one of the most smooth trip I have ever taken. I even got to get full body xray, so I hope i was looking my best.

The flight was nearly completely empty I think the number of people on the 737 was 31 including crew and passengers. I was surprised NO ONE was sitting in th emergency exit row of seats. So I had no problem sitting there and getting the extra leg room. Out of the two hour flight I slept for about a hour fifteen minutes.

We landed at Dulles, this is the first time I have ever flown into there. For anyone who ever has to do it. PREARE to walk.
Its getting late I am tired so I will just outline the rest of the day.
Took shuttle from airport to grandmothers Arriving around 11 am

Pat my grandparents caretaker was there so I met her and talked quite a while.
some whre about 1 pm I finally laid down to take a nap
My Aunt Marsha called at 230 for lunch request. I went with the philly cheese steak.

Uncle Paul and Aunt Marsha arrived with well desired food.
After that time line is a little =blurry

at somepoint . the youngest cousin Kendra arrived, OK everyone knows her as Kendra, but since that is also my mothers name when around the family she gets the golden opportunity to be referred to as KJ or Kendra Jean so everyone knows who is being talked about.
Aunt Terre showed up sometime in between lets say it was 715 pm
My Mother and brother finally arrived at 820 pm
we all had pizza. talked Friends of my grandparents came by, a very lovely family from church who were originally from Uganda. the most unique thing from their visit was the discussion of ear piercing . The lady's name who escapes me at the moment , spoke of having her ears pierced in Africa and they used a THORN to make the hole. Just force it in , break off the sharp point and wa-la pierced ears

Much talking took place, everyone eventually left to go home leaving my mother and grandfather. Now this is where it gets funny. and why you have read all the boring stuff before.

My mother and I went outside to smoke, we finished our cigarettes. .. Then since we are transplanted Floridians and it was starting to really get cold we thought it best to return inside.
Guess what . the door was locked,
We had both left our cell phones inside.
Beating on the door did nothing so my mother went across the street to use the neighbors phone to call the house thinking it would wake up my grandfather.

Sadly earlier that day I had turned the ringer off on the phone by his bed so he just slept through it.
We eventually were able to find a neighbor with the phone number for the caretaker and she came over and let us in.
After that we finally agreed that the day had been long enough and we went to bed.

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