Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Administration example of ignoring contracts

a friend from Nation Guard, had retired from Active Duty with 17 years and a payout for early retirement.
After 9-11 He was brought back on Active duty and finished the 20 years, then retired again, with the agreement to payback his bailout at 400 a month.
Feb this year Odudes, Admistration decided that they didn't like the agreement and began taking ALL his retirement check untill 40 K is payed back.
So much for honoring contracts once again.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Ok so over the weekend I got a little carried away on twitter and posted mulitple warnings . These came about originally as a way to clear my conscience when my twitter followers complained that I was being to rude #RUDEBASTARD.

RT @kurtismarsh: **WARNING this song will make you wear black and buy leather for bedroom use only #fairwarning ♫

kurtismarsh: **WARNING** If people are constantly telling you not to get your panties in a wad, then you probably should not B following me #fairwarning

kurtismarsh: **WARNING** Following me prior to ingesting antacids could lead to severe stomach ulcers or worse #fairwarning

RT @Morticia626: WARNING* if this fucking warning offendsu then what the fuck do u think the rest of my fucking tweets will do? #fairwarning

RT : RT @Sweetnote: FAIRWARNING:I tweet a LOT so set your Blackberry's to NOT receive Tweets unless you don't mind carrying a vibrator! <=LOL

OK back to ones I posted myself that got retweeted
shutupmeg: (@kurtismarsh) **WARNING** when I say shut up that pesky meg chick always re tweets it. But are u willing to also?

**WARNING** my eyesight is getting worse so if U piss me off please stand still so when i shoot ur ass i hit a good spot instead of wingin U

**WARNING** If your life is full of problems cause by all your ex's, you should probably look in the fucking mirror to find the root cause!

**WARNING** more naked photos of squirrels to be posted in the morning, will try to do why folks are at church

**WARNING** failure to RETWEET a warning will make your hair fall out in places you really don't want it 2 #baldchicksonlylookgoodinhustler

**WARNING** If you havent read the last ten WARNINGS then you probably should go to bed before your mommy catches u #rudebastard

**WARNING** #note2self: bukkakeisnotforanyonewithagagreflex

**WARNING** of the millions of people on twitter only 2647have the mental ability to handle following me, COULD U B NEXT

**WARNING** IF you are a recovering Catholic School girl following me could cause various parts to feel the need of the cane **WARNING**

**WARNING** FOLLOWING me if you are PETA VEGAN will make you go out and eat #BACON like ur life depended on it #kittensmakegreattargets

**WARNING** Following Me could an increase in visits to your therapist if you have sensitive feelings and complete lack of balls ** WARNING*

**WARNING** following me could cause cavities in teeth you didn't know you had **WARNING**

** WARNING**following me will cause your eyes to bleed & your pastor to un baptize you **WARNING** #rudebastard #TFHS

**WARNING** previous attempts at following me by touchy sensitive pussy types has resulted in numerous cases of spontaneous combustion

**WARNING** If you tend to use safewords while having sex wearing leather following me wont bother you at all ** WARNING**

**WARNING** the Surgeon General has determined that U could become Politically Incorrect by#followfriday ing me **WARNING**

*WARNING* Updates posted from this account are currently being censored by ### and the ### for #### rude content *WARNING*

WARNING following me could cause your feelings to be hurt, & I would hate to cause you to visit your therapist anymore than u do now

WARNING:I usually do not tweet in a mean spirited way I lack many social fucking graces and failed the class on Political correctnesss
Hi, in case U were suggested to #followfriday me WARNING, I suck at tweeting PC, i have been known to type dirty words, MUD SILT MUCK ec

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pure Optimism

The following is a letter to the Editor found the March 26th 2009 Edition of "THE GREENSBORO WATCHMAN" a small town paper from Greensboro, Alabama.

Letter to the editor

Mrs.Willie Jean Arrington, Editor The Greensboro Watchman
Dear Mrs. Arrington:
Enclosed is my check for $102.50 to renew my wife's subscription to your fine newspaper for five years. I am 91 years old and would like to be in the position to renew The Watchmen the next time around.
My wife was Pauline True, born and raised in Akron. She was the youngest of a great family with five older brothers, She is the only survivor.
Your wonderful publication does a freat job of keeping up to date with the "goings-on" in Hale County.
I am a graduate of Birmingham Southern College which had its origin in Greensboro.
She and I both thank you very much for the update to our ancient history
Thomas H. Moriarty

Comments by me, dont we all want to be 91 and planning to renew our newspaper subscription for the next ten years.