Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday again

So once again Friday night is upon me, not that it is different from any other night.  I just walked outside and noticed that the moon is full and very bright.  Not nearly as bright as last months which I believe was the closest it will be for a very long time.  So what is on the agenda for this weekend.  The first non-party weekend of aught nine.  Aught 9 by the way I will keep pushing to be used as the official reference for this year.   How much fun will it be in twenty or thirty years when you are talking to grandchildren or great grandchildren telling them stories of the Great Depression of Aught Nine.  It just sounds better,  it reeks of knowledge earned through living hard.  I can see the chat now.   ...  cut to medically enhanced version of yourself....with young child ........... self :  You know back in Aught Nine we thought the chosen one would rescue us from them fellers up in New York pulling Madoff's with money the government gave them.  But then thank goodness Larry Flint and that fantastic man that went on to become the  Head of Teachers   Student Association Joe Francis walked up to congress and saved the entertainment industry.  Before Aught nine we had to pay for most of our porn on the interwebs but afterwards it just streamed right into the house, and the government took the cost out of our personal welfare checks before we even noticed it was gone.  Yeah sonny, Aught Nine marked the dawning of a new era, thats why you are here, once we got universal health care, everyone could get the required medical attention to keep them young and alive.....
... ok thats as much as I can think of

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  1. that particular moon was the brightest and largest appearing full moon for this year, it is closer or something.