Monday, March 30, 2009


I can neither confirm or deny that I believe in ghost, goblins or gouls. I will fully admit as a former Avionics Tech gremlins absolutely do exist and do damage aircraft then after the complaint is lodged by another human they turn right around and correct it. Right now you are wondering why I would even bring this up. Well let me tell you. I saw what appears to be a serious article at the SUN's website from the UK. It mentioned the 4 most popular "ghost" pictures that were TOTALL mystery to "experts" Of course they did not say what the experts were experts in Obviously NOT photography. I will not spoil the fun of the true believers by explaining how "ghost" pictures are made but if you look at the photo above you see my father standing in his yard while a ghostly apparition plays around him. I can tell you that the "ghost" in my picture is that of my grandson.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Just Because I haven't posted in a while

EARTH HOUR: WTF was that. ooh so people around the world turned out some lights and then spent the next hour tweeting about how cool they were for participating. Yes I see that it could bring awareness of energy conservation. I would love to see how much EH cost in the long run. Large office building if they were smart most likely had to bring in extra electricians and pay them to sit around before during and after. So Yeah for my brother electricians that might have made some overtime. Of course they missed spending a Saturday night with their family's.

The Streamy awards. Great job live streaming a online TV awards show. HORRIBLE job letting people know who won. Obviously EVERYONE went out to party afterwards and forgot to take a iPhone with them to update the site.

Other than that It is raining this morning in Florida and that is a good thing.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Bubble Tweet

Bubble tweet created a new cool little device to add to your twitter page, actually its not on the normal twitterpage you have to constantly resend the link but it is still interesting.
Watch my new BubbleTweet video message here: