Sunday, May 9, 2010

Beach Tips for those out of the way Vacation Destinations

Beach Tip #1 : No matter how many years you have been going to beaches in the St Petersburg Area, always remember when wading in the water between the sand and the sand bar do the Sting Ray shuffle .

Beach Tip #2: I discovered yesterday that while at the time it is funny to let one of the living shell fish attach itself to your finger or palm and laugh at it being slimy, it leaves a pretty nasty looking mark when its done.

Beach Tip #3: NUDITY IS PROHIBITED , if you see this sign, well to quote a great scholar "Here's your sign" that maybe you should not venture past it with your small children or your Grandma. Why you ask? Well while Nudity is prohibited that is true but what counts as a "bathing suit" is a very open opinion. Take this Exhibit F or Exhibit M. So when a stranger approaches and mentions in a very discreet manner that maybe you should turn your family around and not go much further, DO IT. When this happens no one is trying to limit your beach going fun, they are actually just being neighborly and acting responsible.

Beach Tip #4 If you do happen to head out to Fort Desoto the first three tips apply.

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