Saturday, January 30, 2010

A pain in the ass

Is there finally a break through from the VA?
Jan 2010 my doctor at the VA seems to have finally taken notice of my complaint of unexplained horrendous stomach pains. Most of the time it is just aggravating other times it feels as if I have a pineapple working its way through my gut. I have complained about this at almost every doctors visit for the last few years. And by complained I mean explain it in a new and exciting way that might get the doctors attention. For years I just assumed it was just another side effect of my medications. Over the years I became use to it, both mentally and physically. When it would flare up I would mentally tell myself don't worry it will be over in a week or two. All this time the one thing I never considered doing was taking my temperature during a flare up, it was this that I THINK, made my doctor sit up and take notice. after tracking a low grade temp for three days, I discovered that as the pain increased the temp would also.
Ok this is a start and I will come back to write more later.

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  1. Hopefully they'll take this seriously this time around, would be nice if they'd take the time to find a real diagnosis.