Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Ok so over the weekend I got a little carried away on twitter and posted mulitple warnings . These came about originally as a way to clear my conscience when my twitter followers complained that I was being to rude #RUDEBASTARD.

RT @kurtismarsh: **WARNING this song will make you wear black and buy leather for bedroom use only #fairwarning ♫ http://blip.fm/~4oslx

kurtismarsh: **WARNING** If people are constantly telling you not to get your panties in a wad, then you probably should not B following me #fairwarning

kurtismarsh: **WARNING** Following me prior to ingesting antacids could lead to severe stomach ulcers or worse #fairwarning

RT @Morticia626: WARNING* if this fucking warning offendsu then what the fuck do u think the rest of my fucking tweets will do? #fairwarning

RT : RT @Sweetnote: FAIRWARNING:I tweet a LOT so set your Blackberry's to NOT receive Tweets unless you don't mind carrying a vibrator! <=LOL

OK back to ones I posted myself that got retweeted
shutupmeg: (@kurtismarsh) **WARNING** when I say shut up that pesky meg chick always re tweets it. But are u willing to also?

**WARNING** my eyesight is getting worse so if U piss me off please stand still so when i shoot ur ass i hit a good spot instead of wingin U

**WARNING** If your life is full of problems cause by all your ex's, you should probably look in the fucking mirror to find the root cause!

**WARNING** more naked photos of squirrels to be posted in the morning, will try to do why folks are at church

**WARNING** failure to RETWEET a warning will make your hair fall out in places you really don't want it 2 #baldchicksonlylookgoodinhustler

**WARNING** If you havent read the last ten WARNINGS then you probably should go to bed before your mommy catches u #rudebastard

**WARNING** #note2self: bukkakeisnotforanyonewithagagreflex

**WARNING** of the millions of people on twitter only 2647have the mental ability to handle following me, COULD U B NEXT

**WARNING** IF you are a recovering Catholic School girl following me could cause various parts to feel the need of the cane **WARNING**

**WARNING** FOLLOWING me if you are PETA VEGAN will make you go out and eat #BACON like ur life depended on it #kittensmakegreattargets

**WARNING** Following Me could an increase in visits to your therapist if you have sensitive feelings and complete lack of balls ** WARNING*

**WARNING** following me could cause cavities in teeth you didn't know you had **WARNING**

** WARNING**following me will cause your eyes to bleed & your pastor to un baptize you **WARNING** #rudebastard #TFHS

**WARNING** previous attempts at following me by touchy sensitive pussy types has resulted in numerous cases of spontaneous combustion

**WARNING** If you tend to use safewords while having sex wearing leather following me wont bother you at all ** WARNING**

**WARNING** the Surgeon General has determined that U could become Politically Incorrect by#followfriday ing me **WARNING**

*WARNING* Updates posted from this account are currently being censored by ### and the ### for #### rude content *WARNING*

WARNING following me could cause your feelings to be hurt, & I would hate to cause you to visit your therapist anymore than u do now

WARNING:I usually do not tweet in a mean spirited way I lack many social fucking graces and failed the class on Political correctnesss
Hi, in case U were suggested to #followfriday me WARNING, I suck at tweeting PC, i have been known to type dirty words, MUD SILT MUCK ec


  1. hey man . i dig ya . but then again , i also realize I say "fuckwads" a lot in public forums . peace

  2. Just found your blog, and the Warnings post is the funniest stuff i've read in awhile. I no longer cuss, drink or smoke, but I am NOT easily offended. As you are probably already aware of from my short time on Twitter! Been awhile since we had a conversation, but i still digg ur Tweets, man!


  3. *WARNING** following me has caused many a Kool-Aid drinker to curl up in a corner whimpering about his hineyess Obama

  4. http://search.twitter.com/search?q=WARNING+morticia626

  5. Bring on the offensive material! - Woot! I've got a young impressionable child at home so I have to get my "fix" somewhere!

  6. "#kittensmakegreattargets" - hahahahahahaha!!!!! Great post, fella. Heck, great *blog*, actually. :) Keep it coming!