Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pure Optimism

The following is a letter to the Editor found the March 26th 2009 Edition of "THE GREENSBORO WATCHMAN" a small town paper from Greensboro, Alabama.

Letter to the editor

Mrs.Willie Jean Arrington, Editor The Greensboro Watchman
Dear Mrs. Arrington:
Enclosed is my check for $102.50 to renew my wife's subscription to your fine newspaper for five years. I am 91 years old and would like to be in the position to renew The Watchmen the next time around.
My wife was Pauline True, born and raised in Akron. She was the youngest of a great family with five older brothers, She is the only survivor.
Your wonderful publication does a freat job of keeping up to date with the "goings-on" in Hale County.
I am a graduate of Birmingham Southern College which had its origin in Greensboro.
She and I both thank you very much for the update to our ancient history
Thomas H. Moriarty

Comments by me, dont we all want to be 91 and planning to renew our newspaper subscription for the next ten years.

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