Friday, February 13, 2009

Veterans and (disconnected ) youth in the same catagory

So kids that fuck off the first 7 years of adult hood are to be considered the same as Veterans who Have to be out of work for over a month and within 5 years of discharge ( meaning they can only fuck off for 5 instead of 9 years.
‘‘(B) DEFINITIONS.—For purposes of this3
term ‘unemployed veteran’ means any vet-6
eran (as defined in paragraph (3)(B), de-7
termined without regard to clause (ii)8
thereof) who is certified by the designated9
local agency as—10
‘‘(I) having been discharged or11
released from active duty in the12
Armed Forces at any time during the13
5-year period ending on the hiring14
date, and15
‘‘(II) being in receipt of unem-16
ployment compensation under State or17
Federal law for not less than 4 weeks18
during the 1-year period ending on19
the hiring date.20
term ‘disconnected youth’ means any indi-22
vidual who is certified by the designated23
local agency—24

‘‘(I) as having attained age 161
but not age 25 on the hiring date,2
‘‘(II) as not regularly attending3
any secondary, technical, or post-sec-4
ondary school during the 6-month pe-5
riod preceding the hiring date,6
‘‘(III) as not regularly employed7
during such 6-month period, and8
‘‘(IV) as not readily employable9
by reason of lacking a sufficient num-10
ber of basic skills.’’.11
(b) EFFECTIVEDATE.—The amendments made by12
this section shall apply to individuals who begin work for13
the employer after December 31, 2008.14

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