Friday, February 27, 2009

Questions about Living with HIV

I have tried to write a blog that would catch my readers up on the last 5 years of my life but quite honestly re-visiting the past is still a bit too much. But in the vein of informing others that might not know anyone that has HIV I am going to offer up this blog and a note over on Facebook to solicit question. Remember no question is stupid, if knowledge is the result. if there are enough questions I may just do a VLOG.


  1. So kurtis your reaction to the news that HIV is not cause of AIDS and is not infectious is to strangle a kitten?

    Shouldnt your curiosity be aroused as to why an intelligent correspondent should say such a thing, rather than being strangled?

    You may have an idea of scientists which is a little unrealistic in this day and age. They are not beyond corruption at your expense.

  2. Is there any studies conducted that proved to stop AIDS/HIV?

    cpac at CPB

  3. Pals, as far as I know only one case of someone in Germany after he had a bone marrow transplant. The current meds work to a point. but after 5 years of working for me, they have started to indicate a down swing in usefulness.

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