Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The VA Today

1.  I had scripts to pick up from yesterdays visit and being the good patient I am I went to the VA early to see the pharmacist so I could get the blue slip approval.   After speaking with the pharmacist I was told the script would be ready in about a hour which was fine since I had another appt at 1PM ,   this was 12:10 pm.  
2.  I was 30 minutes early for my 1 pm appt, which of course meant I didn't see the doctor until 1:30.

bottom line at 230 I went back to the pharmacy waited in line for 30 minutes and was told that there were no scripts.   long story short, the system kicked my scripts out I was eventually given them at 345.

So the  whole point of todays visit was to discuss with a psychiatrist the option of taking adderrall to combat fatigue associated with HIV.  There have been studies done outside the VA and I even know a couple people who are taking it locally and seemed to be having good effects.  I wasn't really expecting the VA to actually consider it but was willing to give it a try.  Needless to say the doc didn't let me down.  Totally changed the subject.  Said because I was sitting with my arms crossed I was (((  insert touchy feely bullshit here)  I assured him that I usually sat with my arms crossed and to not fucking read into anything (( thats a joke people, I did say it but to show I still had a sense of humor).  Then we discussed prior bouts of depression which I assured him I had a handle on, in fact the only thing that ever really got me pissed off was dealing with the VA. ((not a joke pretty much the truth)   After the intro interview he said he was thinking about Wellbutrin, which immediately set off my radar as being on the list of things discussed previously and for some reason ruled out.   He assured me that there were no bad side effects and even showed me a ipod touch app that said NO when asked if there were any known side effects between Atripla and Wellbutrin.  I knew from past experiences that his mind was set and that was the "NEW" pill I was getting.  
So with the adderral out of the picture I said fine and don't worry I would be keeping good notes on how I reacted to it including blogging all about it. so here it is the start of the wellbutrin blog. more later

I will finish this up later

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  1. I'm on the generic Wellbutrin & don't have any bad side effects. I'm no longer having panic attacks, still depressed sometimes,but that could be from being unemployed, also husband is unemployed.